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        Terms and Conditions for Spectators for FORMULA1 Chinese Grand Prix


        Thank you for your focus on FORMULA1 Chinese Grand Prix (hereinafter referred to as "Event")!


        The following terms and conditions (the "Terms"), which can help you purchase tickets and watch the Event, constitute a contract between a ticket purchaser or a ticket holder or a spectator (in view of the bearer tickets, all references to ticket purchaser or ticket holder or spectator shall be deemed to be equally applicable and interchangeable) and the Event promoter and bind upon both parties once a ticket is sold.  Please read them carefully:


        1. 賽事及賽場認知
        1. Acknowledgement of the Event and Shanghai International Circuit (the "Circuit")


        1.1 Ticket purchasers herein acknowledge that the Event (including support race and other events) is dangerous, and there is a possibility of accidents, injury and death of people and lost of property.


        1.2購票者也認識到進入賽場觀賽有一定的危險性,須遵守推廣方或FORMULA1賽事機構(含Sanctioning bodies,Formula One World Championship Limited,Formula One Management Limited, Formula One Licensing B.V., Formula One Asset Management Limited, FIA, Allsport Management S.A., Beta Prema (UK) Limited等,下同)發布的各項公告、警告及規定,觀眾須自擔因行為不當所引致的風險及責任。同時賽事主辦推廣方保留基于公共安全原因隨時要求觀眾離場的權利。
        1.2 Ticket purchasers herein acknowledge that entering into the Circuit to watch the Event will generate certain danger and it is necessary to obey the announcement, warning and regulations of the promoter and/or FORMULA1 event institutions (hereinafter, a reference to FORMULA1 event institutions shall include but not limited to Sanctioning bodies, Formula One World Championship Limited,Formula One Management Limited, Formula One Licensing B.V., Formula One Asset Management Limited, FIA, Allsport Management S.A., Beta Prema (UK) Limited).  Spectators shall be responsible for the risk and result caused by their fault.  Meanwhile, the Event host promoter reserves the right to ask spectators to leave the Circuit at any time due to public security.


        1.3觀眾在此承認并接受:非推廣方及/或FORMULA1賽事機構及其相關組織人員 (含賽事官員、裁判、救援和醫療人員、車手、車隊人員、相關董事、管理者、雇員、代理商、承包商及關聯公司等)過錯或欺詐所致的任何人身財產損害,上述機構及/或個人恕難承擔法律責任。
        1.3 Spectators herein acknowledge and agree that the Event promoter and/or FORMULA1 event institutions and their relevant staffs (including but not limited to officers, judges, rescue and medical staffs, competitors, team personnel, directors, managers, employees, agents, contractors and affiliate companies) shall not be liable for any property damage or physical injury occurs not due to their fault and/or fraud.


        1.4 The signs and maps of the Circuit in public place provided by Event promoter are only for reference, and shall not be considered as a part of Juss Event’s undertaking. The directions or descriptions of the Circuit layout, grandstands layout and other facilities may be incomplete, the display proportion may be inaccurate, the layout may be changed without previous notice, the natural obstacles and other obstacles may affect spectators' sight of certain areas, ticket holders shall understand and accept that the map may not be 100 percent reliable.


        2. 購票及配送 
        2. Ticket purchasing and dispatching

        2.1 As soon as a ticket (including but not limited to ticket, credential and/or pass of Grandstand Club and/or Paddock Club, the same hereinafter) is sold, Event promoter will not accept any request to refund, change, replace and re-issue it under any circumstance.  Tickets shall be obtained through the channel designated by Event promoter.  Any transference or resale of tickets for profit purpose will not be protected by laws and ticket purchasers are at the risk of getting counterfeit, stolen or used tickets which result in being refused to enter or expelled from the Circuit.
        Therefore, the Event promoter shall not take the legal responsibility to guarantee the validity of these tickets mentioned above.



        2.2 When purchasing or booking tickets, a purchaser or booker shall finish the "2015 FORMULA1 CHINESE GRAND PRIX Ticket Order Form" properly and fill in true and correct information.  When the ticket purchasing or booking procedure is finished properly, a relevant confirmation voucher or ticket will be delivered.
        Ticket purchasers can choose grandstands but cannot choose seats.
        The Event promoter will deal with the advance booking, ticket purchasing, ticket delivery, ticket pick-up and ticket check etc. according to the information filled or provided by ticket purchasers. Therefore, any loss caused by incorrect, untrue, or invalid information shall not be the responsibility of the Event promoter.


        2.3 The payment generated will include the ticket price and the relevant fess such as the ticket purchasing or booking fee and the delivery fee according to the purchasing or booking channel used (see Ticket Information published and updated every year).  The above-mentioned fees are separate and shall be paid by ticket purchasers.  Except the ticket price, which shall be charged by the Event promoter, other fees will be charged by the Event promoter on behalf of the service provider, or ticket purchaser can pay the service provider directly.
        In case of payment in foreign currency, the final price in foreign currency shall be equivalent to that in RMB, which shall be converted at the actual transaction exchange rate published by the bank of settlement on the date of payment.


        2.4 College Students (full-time), wheelchair spectators and minor children under 16 years old shall subject to the special terms and conditions for tickets which will be published every year.


        2.5 The payment may be through cash, credit cards and bank cards, bank check, cashiers' check, bill of exchange, credit warrant, wire transfer etc. The detailed payment shall be negotiated with the staffs of service window.


        2.6  FORMULA1中國大獎賽指定票務渠道:
        2.6 The designated ticket purchasing channels for 2015 FORMULA1 Chinese Grand Prix are as follows:※網絡購票:官方票務網站:上海F1票務網:www.021f1.com  ;上海F1國際賽車場官網:(www.egs2e.com )相關鏈接
        ※Online channel: Ticket booking website:www.racing-ticket.com.


        ※Telephone channel: Hotline: +86-21-31378619.  Office hours: 9 a.m.–9 p.m., 7 days a week.


        ※Official ticket counter: Room 606, 211 North Wulumuqi Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai: Monday to Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m., 5 days a week .


        ※賽場售票: 賽事期間賽場將設有臨時售票點,工作時間4月10日至12日9點至15點?,F場可售票數量有限,售完為止。
        ※Ticket counters in the Circuit: Temporary ticket counters will be available in the Circuit from 10 April to 12 April in business hours from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the tickets will be limited available.


        ※Agents and distributors channel: The relevant information concerning to the designated official agents and distributors are available on the official website.


        2.7 除預訂期外,網絡及電話購票一般在購買成功后10個工作日內安排配送賽票,如果您未能在購買成功后10個工作日內收到賽票,請聯系賽事推廣方客服??头簁efu@021f1.com

        2.7 Except the early bird promotion period, for the purchase through online or telephone channel, tickets will be arranged to deliver to you within 10 working days after the payment is made. If you have not received the tickets over 10 working days after you made the payment, please contact the customer service of the Event promoter. Email: kefu@021f1.com; Tel: 86-21-31378619.
        For the purchase through channels other than online and telephone, tickets will be issued or delivered subject to the agreement with agents or ticket counters in the Circuit.
        In case that a ticket is lost due to express delivery, it may be re-issued by the Event promoter.


        3. 出入場
        3. Entry and exit


        3.1 A spectator is admitted by ticket only.  Under no circumstances shall Event promoter be responsible for replacing tickets in circumstances that include but are not limited to tickets being lost, stolen, damaged, difficult to identify or otherwise disappearing.


        3.2 A minor child under 16 years old is admitted by minor child ticket  accompanied with an adult spectator.   Minor children under 3 years old are not suggested to watch the Event.  The adult spectator shall bear all the attention and guardianship responsibilities, and it is agreed that any fault of the child shall be deemed as that of the adult.



        3.3 Once check in, a ticket will have an admission record on ticketing system. Therefore, the ticket shall not be transferred to anyone else, which means, a ticket shall be used by one ticket holder only on the same day.
        For exit halfway and entry again with the same ticket before the end of an event on the same day, it is necessary to present the ticket for scanning to make a record of exit.  Only a ticket with a record of exit can gain re-admission.  A ticket without a corresponding exit record to an entry record shall be refused to re-admit.


        3.4 The ticket shall be kept with due care after admission for being checked again from time to time.  Unless otherwise provided, any person who does not show his or her ticket shall be expelled from the Circuit on the Event promoter's discretion.


        3.5 Every ticket corresponds to certain grandstand and / or seat. Thus every Spectator must gain entry to the Event and be seated at the Event as instructed by the ticket. Spectator shall not enter areas that are forbidden or restricted from spectators without proper permission.


        4. 賽程變化
        4. Alteration of the Schedule


        4.1 Ticket holders herein acknowledge and agree that the Event will be held on the date approved by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile ("FIA") and according to its rules and regulations.  The Event promoter reserves the right to add, cancel or replace any arrangement including but not limited to performance, seat arrangement, drivers, performers or activities related to the Event according to the demand or requirement of the Event (including but not limited to meeting the demand of security and social public) or/and Formula 1 Event institutions. (Please follow up to the latest information published on the Event official website.)


        4.2 Whereas the indeterminacy of sporting events as known to all, it is possible that certain individuals, groups or celebrity expected to be present will be absent from promotion activities or advertising they plan to attend.  Without regard to whether the individuals, groups or celebrity will be present, ticket purchasers herein acknowledge and agree that such expectation mentioned above when purchasing tickets may not be unrealizable.


        4.3 Provided that the Event on certain day is postponed or cancelled due to bad weather such as rainstorm, strong wind, thunder and lightening which influence the open-air Event, or that the Event is interrupted or stopped ahead of the schedule after the commencement for any reason, ticket purchasers herein acknowledge and agree that the Event promoter will not accept any request to refund or change tickets.


        4.4 Unless otherwise the Event is officially and completely cancelled according to the pre announcement, the Event promoter will not accept any request to refund or change tickets in any form under any circumstance such as for the reason of schedule alteration.  In the event that the Event is officially and completely cancelled in accordance with the announcement referred to above, the Event promoter will only be responsible for refunding a grandstand ticket payment, which limited to the value stated on its face other than complimentary tickets, tickets for exchange as enterprise resources, tickets for employees and etc., and not any other cost or loss generated under any circumstance.


        5. 保障及風險
        5. Security and risk


        5.1 Spectators acknowledge that the Event is a mass activity and agree to be subject to all the security measures regulated by the Event promoter.  All spectators shall cooperate with security personnel or other official staff in security control and showing tickets in case of entering the Circuit, inspecting from time to time, exiting halfway and etc.


        5.2 The Event promoter will only provide parking lots and guide spectators to parking spaces and will not be responsible for taking delivery of and safekeeping the properties of spectators, whether in the parking lot managed or controlled by the Event Promoter inside or outside the Circuit, whether free or for reward.  Services provided by security personnel, such as guarding, patrolling, checking, querying and coordinating, do not include responsibility for taking delivery of and safekeeping the properties of spectators.


        5.3 All the spectators entering the Circuit shall be responsible for their behaviors and belongs.  Spectators shall be liable for any personal injury or property damage to any third person caused for their own faults.  Furthermore, in case of the aforesaid situation, the Event promoter will reserve the right to pursue relevant responsibilities.


        5.4 Any additional cost, loss, absence or lateness of spectators resulting from traffic jam, regular bus delay or any other event beyond reasonable control, or any force majeure not attributable to the Event promoter shall not be compensated by the Event promoter.


        5.5 The business on the Event official franchising souvenirs shall be ran in specific area.  It is prohibited for any person to trade, delivery or accept counterfeit franchising merchandises, or to encourage infringement. Meanwhile, the Event promoter will reserve the right to pursue responsibility.


        5.6 在賽場內進行展示或營業的贊助商、參展商或其他第三方對自己的行為包括產品或服務的廣告、宣傳、售賣及售后等獨立承擔法律責任,推廣方恕難承擔擔?;蚱渌魏芜B帶責任。
        5.6 All the sponsors, exhibitors and any other third party who exhibit and/or trade in the Venue are liable for their commodities and/or services seperately including but not limited to any advertising, promotion, sales and after-sales.  Spectators acknowledge that the Event promoter has not made any warranty in respect of the foregoing commodities and/or services ever and will not bear any related liability jointly and severally.


        5.7 During the Event, the Event promoter suggest you take auditory protection measures to reduce the risk of hearing impairment.


        6. 禁止事項
        6. Prohibitions


        It is strictly prohibited as follows:


        6.1 carry to the Circuit and/or display in the Circuit with any publicity materials with slogans, signs or marks indicating violence, hatred, discrimination, terrorism and prejudice or publicity materials conflicting with commercial benefits of the Event.


        6.2 carry any animal to the Circuit or parking lot.


        6.3 carry any inflammable, explosive, fragile and noisy object, or any other object or device may be used as a weapon to endanger public security, jeopardize others or interfere with the Event to the Circuit, including but not limited to knife and tool, fireworks and crackers, pneumatic loudspeaker, Laser device, glassworks and trumpet.


        6.4 carry any device or facilities may produce and transmit the carriers infringing on the intellectual property of the Event to the Circuit.


        6.5 gamble or bet in any form on tickets, the Event and its result.


        6.6 enter the Circuit when a spectator is smoking or drunk or in the period of taking psychotropic medicine.


        6.7 smoke not at the specified time or in the specified place, or walk around not according to the area or route indicated on tickets.


        6.8 without prior approval, sell goods and provide services (including but not limited to beverages, food, souvenirs and tickets), conduct marketing promoting or any other behavior or activity not related to the Event in the Circuit or any other area controlled by the Event promoter.


        6.9 without prior approval, use tickets, the Event name and the Event intellectual properties (including signs, logos, words, graphic images and combinations thereof, abbreviations and non-English translation, etc.) for lottery, advertising or any other commercial purpose and infringement (e.g. express or implied a connection with the Event to mislead others).  Only a sponsor or a partner with prior approval may use tickets, the Event name and the Event intellectual properties for commercial purpose.


        6.10 any other behavior violating laws, public morality and reputation of the Event.


        7. 個人信息及知識產權等
        7. Personal information and intellectual property


        7.1觀眾認可這是一項公眾活動,且自己的聲音及肖像可能出現在記錄賽事的電視轉播或廣播、影像、照片中及現在或將來出現在其它載體媒體上。觀眾同意賽事主辦推廣方及FOWC 即(Formula One World Championship Limited)或其授權的第三方在媒體上(含境內外的所有媒體)以任何目的使用這些影像、照片、聲音或其它載體而無需提供任何證明或支付任何費用,也不構成侵權。 
        7.1 Spectators herein acknowledge that the Event is a public event which will be record with their voices or images appearing on television, broadcast, footage, photo or any other media.  Spectators herein also agree that the Event promoter, Formula One World Championship Limited ("FOWC") and a third party authorized may use the aforesaid footage, photos, sound recordings or any other media carrier free of any identification or compensation or infringement for any purpose.


        7.2 The Event promoter may collect ticket purchasers' or spectators' personal information (including but not limited to gender, age, address, telephone number).  It is necessary for the Event promoter in arranging and coordinating grandstand seats, and carrying out surveys and promotion and marketing proposes related to the Event.  Unless ticket buyers or spectators agree to let the Event promoter releases their information or by government's or judiciary's compelling force, the Event promoter will keep spectators' personal information confidential when using it.


        7.3 有關賽事的知識產權應得到充分尊重。觀眾同意并接受:
        7.3 Intellectual property rights related to the Event shall receive full respected.  Ticket holders hereby agree and accept as follows:


        7.3.1 不能加工制作或傳送與賽事有關的任何形式的錄音、影像、照片、視聽片段、數據信息如官方計時、遙測結果、天氣數據等。
        7.3.1 Any kind of sound recording, photo, visual footage or audio-visual footage, data information in relation to the Event such as official timing, Telemetry results and weather data must not be made, created or transmitted by any person.


        7.3.2 個人電子設備如靜止影像相機、手機和其它掌上個人通訊設備可攜入賽場, 其記錄儲存的任何有關賽事的視聽資料只能用于個人娛樂等非商業用途。
        7.3.2 Personal electronic devices such as still imaging camera, mobile phone and other handheld personal communication devices are admitted to the Circuit.  Any visual footage or audio-visual footage record by the aforesaid devices shall be used for non-commercial purpose (e.g. for private enjoyment) only.

        7.3.3 未經FOWC事先書面許可,任何人不能使用任何有關賽事的錄音、影像、照片、視聽片段、數據信息或其他賽事資料用于廣告、公開展示、商業營利或任何其他個人娛樂以外的用途。特別禁止在網絡、電臺、電視等媒體上使用。
        7.3.3 Without prior written consent of FOWC, any kind of sound recording, photo, visual footage, audio-visual footage, data information or any other material in relation to the Event must not be used by any person for any form of advertising, publicly display, commercial gain, or any other purpose (except private enjoyment).  It is specifically prohibited for use on network, radio, television and any other media.


        7.3.4 無論是否獲得上述許可,觀眾如制作、復制或使用的任何有關賽事的載體,其知識產權也歸FOWC所有。
        7.3.4 Whether achieve the aforesaid consent, spectators herein agree that any intellectual property rights of the materials mentioned in Clause 7.3.3 in relation to the Event made, copied or used by them shall be transferred to FOWC for free immediately.


        8. 違反條款
        8. Violation of the Terms


        Ticket purchasers herein acknowledge and agree that ticket holders or spectators may be refused to enter or expelled from the Circuit without any compensation in case of violating the Terms or denying the application of the Terms.  Moreover, the Event promoter reserves the right to pursue relevant legal responsibilities.


        9. 條款修改及解釋 
        9. Amendment and explanations

        Due to the limitation of the Terms, the Event promoter has the right to amend the Terms reasonably from time to time and the Terms will be updated and published through the specified ticket purchasing channels in the same time.  The Terms are explained according to the laws of PRC.  For detailed explanations and enquiry, please refer to the Event official website or call the ticket booking hotlines at any time.


        10. 管轄權
        10. Jurisdiction

        All the Terms are written in Chinese and will be translated into foreign language.  In case of discrepancy between different versions, the Chinese version shall Prevail.  Any dispute generated from the performance of the Terms shall be submitted to the court of venue where the Event is held.




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